Things I Love

Each of us is unique, how commonplace, we hear that all of the time. I have always felt a bit down on myself, always wanted to be like another in some way. As I get older I learn that in some things deciding that I could learn or change to be like someone is how I grow. I have also learned that to desire or attempt to change something I have no control over is a waste of time and energy. This does not mean I do not sit in front of the mirror and wonder about my appearance, or that I do not wish that I had different talents when I hear people sing on ‘American Idol’. I know that this reluctance to accept how the Lord has made me stops me from living a full life, a life of joy. It keeps me from His blessings.

Therefore; I have decided to think of the things I love, the people and places that bless me daily. I am blessed to be the person I am in all ways – my King made me perfectly. Who am I, the clay, to question the potter.

I love my wonderful husband – in all things. I love that he is hard working, kind generous, and creative. We have our battles but he is my best friend, my companion and my partner in life.

I love my daughter, she is strong and smart. She has a fun and upbeat personality and a smile that lights up the world!

I adore bright sunny days – they warm us. However; there is nothing I love more than the rain – it washes away the old and leaves a burst of energy behind!

There are so many things one can fall in love with. I hope to one day follow Him with passionate, unfailing love. I know I am not there yet but hope to learn to be a person willing to follow the Lord in all things.

Thanks for checking out today’s ramblings. As I learn and grow I will continue to write, I hope that it blesses your life. My ideas, like all things, are unoriginal – however; maybe putting them out there can help you in some way!